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Marriage registration in Chennai :

One of friend living in Villivakkam near SRO konnur , Chennai . He is a Hindu native of Tiruvarur and the bride is also a Hindu and Malaysian citizen. They performed their marriage in Kapaleeswarar temple mylapore and they want to register the marriage in Chennai.

She is coming to tamilnadu and she will be available in Chennai for a six days. So they want to complete the marriage registration process within a week and he need marriage certificate for following purposes
1. Include spouse name in both passport
2. Apply Indian visa for wife.
3. Apply Malaysian PR for wife

We approached nearby sub registrar office in his locality and they said that Foreigner Marriage was previously registered under Hindu Act and after circular from the IG registration Foreigner Marriage has to be registered only under special marriage Act. Further they told that they must available minimum 30 days to complete the registration and there is no possibility to compete the process within a week.
Also he told that may be the foreign marriage may be possible in Royapuram sub registrar office and he advised to approach sub registrar office near beach railway station . We went to sub registrar office located opposite to beach railway station. But there is no sub registrar office functioning there.We met one mediator outside the premises and they told that the Royapuram sub registrar office shifted long back and also they stopped marriage registration also long back. He said that even if both are Indians they will ask parents .
He told that both are Hindu and same can be register under Hindu Marriage Act .Also he advised to visit once again to Villivakkam SRO with following documents .

1. Both Age proof
2. Both Address proof
3. Passport size photos 2
4. Invitation 2
5. hall receipt
6. single status certificate issued by Malaysian Government
7. Both parents ID proof
8. Divorce order if anyone is divorcee
9. Death certificate if anyone is widower
10. Parents Death certificate if not alive

But the problem is she is native of Srilanka and she cannot produce those documents for Srilankan national.

Accordingly we visited Villivakkam SRO with necessary documents and we are not able to get any proper information about the foreigner marriage registration. Finally they advised to give the document to clarify some doubts about foreign marriage registration. Still there is no any proper reply from sub registrar office.
We are very much confused about marriage registration process in Tamilnadu. I read one article about marriage registration rule in Tamilnadu :
Find the article :

TN’s new circular on marriage certificate: Controversial parental consent clause changed

The older circular had caused an uproar and made it all the more difficult for inter-caste couples to register their marriage.
A day after TNM spoke to the Inspector General of Registration regarding a controversial circular issued by the government which seemingly asked for parental consent for marriage registration, a new circular has been issued to the Registration Department in the state with changes provided on three out of four points contained in the original circular.
Firstly, the circular says an Aadhaar card is no longer compulsory for the couple to register their marriage. According to the old circular, an Aadhaar card is acceptable as identification for the couple, their parents as well as the witnesses. The circular added that Aadhaar, however, cannot be used as citizenship proof or address proof.
The revised circular states that while Aadhar can be accepted as a proof of identity for marriage registration, it is not mandatory for the couples to submit their cards.
Secondly, the circular says the names and initials of the couple and witnesses must be thoroughly verified. The older circular said the names and initials provided by the couples and their parents should match the ones in the proofs submitted. The word ‘parents’ stands removed in the new circular.
Regarding the third point, the circular says if parents of the couple are deceased, it is enough if 'Late' is mentioned before their name. Death certificates of the deceased parent(s) are not required. Earlier, the original death certificate of the concerned parent was needed for verification.
There is no change in the status for widowers from the previous circular. If the bride or groom happens to be widowed, they should submit the original death certificate of the deceased spouse, which has to be verified and a copy has to be retained by the registrar.
TNM had earlier pointed out that while the circular nowhere explicitly asks for the physical presence of parents, three out of four points imply communication with parents.
According to the Hindu Marriage Act, only the couple and three witnesses are required for the registration of the marriage.
For thousands of inter-caste couples across the state who have had to leave their parental homes for a shared future, the older circular made it all the more difficult to legally register their marriage.
Speaking to TNM, the Inspector General J Kumaragurubaran admitted that this was a problem and that it would be looked into. Reassuring couples in the state, he had said, “This is not binding. The Act is supreme. The circular is internal and for executive purposes. If this is causing hardships, we will definitely look into changing it.”
All officials are required to follow the instructions and they're required to acknowledge that they've received this circular to all the concerned authorities.

This article says that parents physical presence not compulsory for marriage registration . Then why all sub registrars asking parents out of law ?

Why parents presence compulsory for marriage registration in Tamilnadu ?
Why parents ID proof compulsory for marriage registration in Tamilnadu ?
Why parents Death certificate compulsory for marriage registration in Tamilnadu ?
Why Hall receipt compulsory for marriage registration in Tamilnadu ?
Is there any possibility to do Hindu registration without those documents. If it is possible please answer the following queries .

What is the procedure for register Hindu with foreigner in Villivakkam Sub registrar office , Chennai ?
What is the exact documents required for foreigner marriage registration under Hindu marriage Act in Villivakkam Sub registrar office Chennai ?
How long will take to complete the Hindu Act 2009 registration in Villivakkam Sub registrar office Chennai ?
After getting marriage certificate, what is the formalities to get Indian citizenship for wife?
Under which provision those documents necessary for Hindu Act 2009 in Tamilnadu ?
What is the time limit for Hindu Act registration in Tamilnadu ?
What is the fees for Hindu marriage registration Villivakkam Sub registrar office , Chennai ?
Whether the Villivakkam Sub registrar office , Chennai has the power to refuse the Hindu marriage registration ?
If yes under which provision they can refuse the Hindu marriage registration ?
If the Villivakkam Sub registrar office , Chennai refuse to register , who is the authority to file an appeal ?
Hindu marriage certificate can be verified online ?
Hindu marriage registration certificate will carry bride and groom photos or not ?
What is the conditions has to be followed to register the Hindu marriage in Villivakkam SRO.
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