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Tamilnadu marriage registration through Online in Chennai

Last month the Government of Tamilnadu has introduced online marriage registration facility in Tamilnadu . Now the Tamilnadu marriage registration Act made online in Tamilnadu.
If made online, you cannot come to an conclusion that you can register your marriage online and you can download your marriage certificate online.
Find how The Government of Tamilnadu online registration works :-

1. You have to create user id in www.reginet .net to start online process( If You crate user account successfully, that will be appreciated more than a Guinness record)

2. After creating user name you have to fill the application. It will ask all information like name , father name , place of marriage and witness details. So you have to confirm the witness who will for registration, you have to mention the witness details in advance. You cannot change the witness later.

3. Finally it system will suggest some sub registrar office name. you have to select your proper sub registrar office exactly. (For this you must aware of the sub registrar office jurisdiction limits)

4. After selecting the sub registrar office, it will ask your convenient date for registration. If you select current date it will not give you any appointment. So you can get appointment on future dates only. ( If you have any emergency you cannot get appointment even though the sub registrars are free.

5. Very important think that after submitting online application, your online process may not be completed, after submitting application you have to printout the same in paper and you have to visit sub registrar office with hot copy of online application and original , documents and witnesses . (If any mistakes or any omission in online application the head clerk attached to sub registrar office will advise you to make necessary changes in online application and will ask you to come on another day with fresh appointment.

For Example in Karnataka,

To encourage the marriage registration , The Governmnet introduced Aadhar based online registration for Bangalore couples.
As per this future couples can register the marriage through online . After completion of registration , they can download the marriage certificate immediately(Like Birth certificate in Tamilnadu) It will be very useful for the couples those who live in abroad and those who not in position to visit sub registrar office physically.

Tamilnadu registration of marriages Act registration always possible without the presence of bride and groom. So they can send their application through post also
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