Marriage certificate Chennai

How to marriage certificate In Chennai Christians always struggling to get valid marriage certificate in Tamilnadu lack of awareness . Find the procedure how to get Christian marriage certificate in Tamilnadu.
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Marriage registration

Special marriage registration under Tamilnadu marriage Act 2009 : For Inter religion marriages also registration is compulsory in Tamilnadu. The following procedure has to be followed when you go far Special marriage registration under Tamilnadu marriage Act 2009 in Chennai, Tamilnadu :
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Hindu marriage registration Chennai

How to register Hindu marriage in Chennai Hindu marriage couples very lucky because they can register their marriage on same any time after the solemnization of marriage. Find the procedure to register Hindu marriage in Chennai :
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register marriage in Chennai

Register Marriage means solemnizing a marriage according to the law. Couples may opt for a register marriage due to various reasons. One common reason in Tamilnadu is marrying against the wishes of family. Another reason is to avoid the 90 % expenses on a big fat wedding. A register marriage keeps things simple and economical. Whatever be the reason, it is important to know the Register marriage procedure before taking the plunge. In Tamilnadu, a register marriage takes place under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Register marriage procedure in Chennai: step-by-step guide The procedure is not too complex, but not simple either. It involves many stages, steps, and documents. The first thing to do is to determine whether you are eligible for a register marriage in Tamilnadu. Conditions for a Valid Marriage in Tamilnadu Eligibility for register marriage in Tamilnadu Individuals from any religion can opt for a register marriage. The law is clear about it. You can belong to the same religion or two different religions. It does not affect the process of register marriage. Tamilnadu laws still do not allow same sex marriages. So, the marriage can take place only between a male and a female. Moreover, the law says that any two persons can get married under this act. The condition is they should fulfill the eligibility criteria. This means that it is not compulsory to be an Indian citizen for getting married under this Act. Even if any one is an foreign national they can get married under this act: Both the bride and the groom must fulfill the following conditions. • They should not have a living husband/wife at the time of marriage. • They should not be incapable of giving consent due to unsound mind. • Even if they can give consent, they should not have a mental disorder which makes them unfit for marriage or having children. • They must not suffer from insanity or epilepsy. • The bride should be at least 18 years old and the groom at least 21. • Both parties must not be within prohibited relationship with each other. You can find the details of such prohibited relationships below. People within such relationship cannot get married under this Act in Tamilnadu. Related: Get a Room! Are Unmarried Couples Allowed to? Degree of prohibited relationship: Part-I 1. Mother 2. Father’s widow (step-mother) 3. Mother’s mother 4. Mother’s father’s widow (step grand-mother) 5. Mother’s mother’s mother 6. Mother’s mother’s father’s widow (step-great-grandmother) 7. Mother’s father’s mother 8. Mother’s father’s father’s widow (step-great-grandmother) 9. Father’s mother 10. Father’s father’s widow (step-grandmother) 11. Father’s mother’s mother 12. Father’s mother’s father’s widow (step-great-grandmother) 13. Father’s father’s mother 14. Father’s father’s father’s widow (step-great-grandmother) 15. Daughter 16. Son’s widow 17. Daughter’s daughter 18. Daughter’s son’s widow 19. Son’s daughter 20. Son’s son’s widow 21. Daughter’s daughter’s daughter 22. Daughter’s daughter’s son’s widow 23. Daughter’s son’s daughter 24. Daughter’s son’s son’s widow 25. Son’s daughter’s daughter 26. Son’s daughter’s son’s widow 27. Son’s son’s daughter 28. Son’s son’s son’s widow 29. Sister 30. Sister’s daughter 31. Brother’s daughter 32. Mother’s sister 33.Father’s sister 34. Father’s brother’s daughter 35. Father’s sister’s daughter 36. Mother’s sister’s-daughter 37. Mother’s brother’s daughter Here, the word widow also means a divorced wife. Degree of prohibited relationship: Part-II 1. Father 2. Mother’s husband (step-father) 3. Father’s father 4. Father’s mother’s husband (step-grandmother) 5. Father’s father’s father 6. Father’s father’s mother’s husband (step-great-grandfather) 7. Father’s mother’s father 8. Father’s mother’s mother’s husband (step-great-grandfather) 9. Mother’s father 10. Mother’s mother’s husband (step-grandfather) 11. Mother’s father’s father 12. Mother’s father’s mother’s husband (step-great-grandfather) 13. Mother’s mother’s father 14. Mother’s mother’s mother’s husband(step-great-grandfather) 15. Son 16. Daughter’s husband 17. Son’s son 18. Son’s daughter’s husband 19. Daughter’s son 20. Daughter’s daughter’s husband 21. Son’s son’s son 22. Son’s son’s daughter’s husband 23. Son’s daughter’s son 24. Son’s daughter’s daughter’s husband 25. Daughter’s son’s son 26. Daughter’s son’s daughter’s husband 27. Daughter’s daughter’s son 28. Daughter’s daughter’s daughter’s husband 29. Brother 30. Brother’s son 31. Sister’s son 32. Mother’s brother 33. Father’s brother 34. Father’s brother’s son 35. Father’s sister’s son 36. Mother’s sister’s son 37. Mother’s brother’s son Here, the word husband also means a divorced husband. How to Legally Change Your Name in Tamilnadu Exceptions and other conditions The eligibility conditions above have some exceptions. First, even if you are within degrees of prohibited relationship, you can get married if your custom allows you to do so. This exception will apply even when the customs of only one of the parties allow such marriage. The second exception is the citizenship rule for register marriages in Jammu & Kashmir. If the marriage is taking place in the state of J & K, then both parties must be citizens of Tamilnadu. Moreover, both parties should have domicile in a state to which this act applies. This means that foreign nationals cannot get married in Jammu & Kashmir under this Act. There is another condition for foreigners. They must live in Tamilnadu for at least 30 days before the marriage. They can get a proof of residence from their local police station. Process of register marriage in 5 steps in Chennai Register marriage in Tamilnadu takes place in 5 steps. Step 1: Notice of intend marriage The first step is to give a notice of marriage to the marriage officer. The couple needs to give notice to the marriage officer of the district where at least one of them is residing for 30 days before giving notice. Step 2: Publishing of notice and compulsory waiting period The marriage officer will display the notice in his office at a place where it is visible. He also needs to forward the notice to the district of each party’s permanent residence. After display of the notice in the above manner, the compulsory waiting period of 30 days begins. Anyone can object to the marriage within this period. But, the objection should be as per the Act and the eligibility conditions. Any person who believes that the marriage violates one or more eligibility conditions can object to it. But, not otherwise. So, if a person objects to your marriage due to some other reason, he has no legal basis of doing so. If there is no objection to the marriage within 30 days of publishing the above notice, the marriage officer can perform the marriage. 30 days’ notice period cannot be waived at any cost and any circumstances. Step 3: Objections and investigation If the marriage officer receives an objection, he will record it in the notice book. He will then investigate the objection. If he feels that the objection does not come in the way of marriage, he can go ahead and perform the marriage. If the marriage officer finds the objection to be valid, he can refuse to solemnize the marriage. In any case, he cannot take more than 30 days to arrive at a decision. In case of refusal, the couple can appeal to the district magistrate within 30 days of such decision. Step 4: Declaration by parties and witnesses The Bride, the Groom, and three witnesses need to sign the below declaration in the presence of the marriage officer. It is not necessary to sign the declaration in the marriage officer’s office. If the parties wish, they can do it at any other place which is at a reasonable distance. Moreover, the parties can choose the manner of solemnizing the marriage. But, the marriage will not be complete without both parties saying the below words. The parties can say these words in any language that they understand. I (A) take (B) to be my lawful wife (or husband) After saying the above words, the bride and the groom become husband and wife. The last remaining step is to get a marriage registration certificate. Step 5: Marriage registration certificate The marriage officer will enter the marriage certificate in the Marriage Certificate Book. The couple and three witnesses need to sign this certificate. So, this is how a register marriage takes place in Tamilnadu. There are many common questions that come to every couple’s mind. Below you can find the answers to some such questions. Who is the marriage officer? Usually, the sub registrar will act as marriage officers in Tamilnadu. Which forms do we need to fill? primary form is the notice of intended marriage. Other than this, you and your witnesses also need to fill and sign a declaration. Also keep all document which submitted at the time of filing notice. What is the fee for register marriage in Tamilnadu? The fee may vary from one state to another. For example, the registration fee in Chennai is Rs. 60. You need to pay it to the head clerk of the sub registrar office. The head clerk will then issue a receipt of payment of the fee. Apart from this, there are some other expenses too. For example,stamp duty for the affidavits, printing expenses, and photos. These expenses may range between Rs. 4000-5000. What is the timeline of a Register marriage procedure? If there is no objection to the marriage, you can complete the procedure as soon as the 30 day waiting period is over. If there is an objection, the entire Register marriage procedure may take as long as 60 days and more. What documents do we need for a register marriage? For going through a Register marriage procedure, you need the following documents. BASIC DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR (BRIDE & GROOM) REGISTER IN CHENNAI ADDRESS PROOF AGE PROOF PASSPORT SIZE PHOTOS 6 NOS. WITNESSES THREE PERSONS WITH ID PROOF This analysis covers the Register marriage procedure in Tamilnadu in complete detail. Once you completed the registration, you can get the marriage certificate within a week time. Wedding registration in Chennai Complete guide on how to wedding registration in Chennai Why should and who should do wedding registration in Chennai: Wedding registration is the legal way get married simply legally. Not only for love wedding, will it be useful for arranged wedding couples those who wish to get married simply. You can save money and time. Many couples prefer to do simple wedding registration only in this corona lock down time. But simple wedding registration is always best economically as well as legally. Those who don’t have family support and those who in need of wedding certificate for safety, visa, and other legal purpose and those who like simple wedding can do wedding registration. Planning for doing wedding registration in Chennai : If you plan to do wedding registration in Chennai , first you have to plan your convenient date for registration in Chennai(wedding registration possible only Monday to Friday Morning 10 to 3.30 PM). If date is confirmed book your appointment in advance and then start to collect documents . Epass in lockdown time : Due to corona lock down, E pass is necessary to move from one district to district or state to state. If you plan to do wedding registration when the lockdown in force, you can apply e pass in advance and keep it for smooth travel to Chennai. Documents required for wedding registration in Chennai : • Age proof for both Husband/Groom and Wife/Bride :(Any one of following Document) o Birth Certificate (or) o School / collage Transfer Certificate (or) o School / collage mark sheet (or) o Passport • Address proof for both Husband/Groom and Wife/Bride :(Any one of following Document) o Aadhar Card (or) o Passport (or) o Driving License (or) o Voter ID o Ration Card Photos : passport size photos 6 Nos for both • Additional Documents : ( If Applicable) o Invitation 2 & Hall/Temple Receipt – (Only for Hindu Married couples ) o Invitation 2 & Nikah Certificate _ (Only for Muslim Married couples ) o Invitation 2 & Church Certificate _ (Only for Christian Married couples ) o VAO certificate _ (If bride or groom is foreign national ) o Divorce order/ Death certificate _ (If bride or groom Divorcee/Widower ) Note : If both have passport , it is enough for both age and address proof. If available you can keep education or birth certificate for age proof. If you don’t have original documents, you can submit true copy with notary attestation. Who can be a witness for wedding registration in Chennai : There is no necessary to bring aged parents as witnesses for the purpose of registration. As per registration rules, the person who completed 18 years and those who attended wedding can be a witness. So You can bring available local friends who attended your wedding as witness. VAO certificate for wedding registration in Chennai : There is no rules to insist VAO certificate for wedding registration in Chennai. But the same time, to avoid unnecessary troubles in future , registrars will ask for VAO certificate to register wedding registration in rural area. But VAO certificate is not required in Chennai. Location do wedding registration smoothly in Chennai : For various reasons, Chennai Parrys is the comfortable place to do wedding registration in Chennai. Not only for Tamilnadu for entire India Chennai Parrys is the convenient place for love wedding registrations. Because love wedding couples can get married simply on same day and there is a possibility to register and get wedding certificate also on same. So that many love wedding couples prefer Chennai for wedding registration. Under which act Love wedding will be registered : Foreigner wedding can be registered under any one of following act : 1. Tamilnadu marriage Act 2. Hindu marriage Act 3. Special marriage Act 4. Christian marriage Act You can register under any one of above said act. But the Tamilandu marriage act certificate only will carry couples photographs and it will be look more authenticated. So that many couples prefer TM act for wedding registration in Chennai. For all legal purpose, this TM act certificate will be very useful and authenticated . Parents presence for marriage registration: Usually registrars will ask both parents presence at the time of wedding registration . But the same time you can manage without the parents and you can try to convince the registrar. Moreover no registrar asking parents in this lock down time. Legally parents presence not required and there is possibility to do wedding registration without both parents. Wedding Registration procedure in Chennai : Reach Chennai Parrys on your convenient date (your preferred date) and complete your smart and simple ceremony by exchanging ring/garlands. Visit Parrys sub registrar office on same day with required documents and witnesses and complete registration process on same day. Usually one day is enough to complete the entire registration process. If possible plan to stay minimum two days to compete the process smoothly. If you not prefer to small ceremony, you have to wait another 30 days to compete the registration process. Better you can exchange the garlands and can complete the process on same day. If you give 30 days’ notice, it will create unnecessary troubles in your registration. When can get marriage certificate : Usually you can get marriage certificate within 24 hours except special wedding registration. Couples presence not compulsory to receive original marriage certificate. bride can leave immediately after registration. Groom or any authorized person can collect the original wedding certificate. For special wedding, it will take 30 days to get wedding certificate .Couples and witnesses should present twice before registrar. Wedding certificate Attestation : If you have any plan to apply any visa in near future, you can get attestation also in Chennai After getting wedding certificate, you can get attestation for desired country. Couples Presence not mandatory to get attestation. Only original wedding certificate and both passport copy is enough to get attestation. How to face after wedding problems : Keep your wedding certificate in very safe place. Once the registration is completed, you are safe and you can show it to any authority or court of law.