register marriage procedure in Chennai

2 years 10 months ago #139 by marriage solicitor
Age difference not an criteria for legal marriage in Tamilnadu . Law required only minimum age i.e the bride must be completed 18 and the groom must completed 21 years.
Also marriage with huge age difference is common in many countries.

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2 years 10 months ago #140 by marriage solicitor
You can complete the registration in one day process. One week is more then enough for get married and to get marriage certificate in Chennai. After getting certificate, you can fix an appointment in US consulate Chennai

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2 years 10 months ago #141 by marriage solicitor
If you wish to covert into Hindu religion, you can do Hindu marriage registration also in Chennai. But the registrar will ask gazette publication for this .

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2 years 10 months ago #144 by abinandhan
register marriage procedure in Chennai

There are certain marriage Acts provide some rules that you must abide by, when it comes to marriage
registration in Chennai. The rules for marriage were framed with a
focus on the welfare of both parties. Its aim is to create a strong base for the family that is going to be formed
by two mature, independent individuals. Only if the age criterion is satisfied and there is mutual consent,
there can be legal and emotional space to begin a new life.

All things that come from there are beautiful and so is your wedding! In spite
of the hurry burry and chaos of shopping and grooming for your wedding, days seem like years to wait for
the D-day. And there it finally comes! Once you tie the knot, you take a deep breath of accomplishment.
But wait, there’s one task at the end of the list that most people tend to miss. Yeah! That’s registering your marriage.

We find great pleasure in registering your marriages and helping you to get marriage certificates.
Getting a marriage certificate is not a complicated task, when we are with you. Our team will guide
you on how to get a marriage certificate in Chennai. And I bet you’ll feel blessed to have contacted us.

To begin with, there are simple procedures that you must follow. Make sure that you check the
conditions before you can apply for a marriage certificate. The Indian laws pertaining to marriage
are framed to suit the customs of different religions and practices. Various acts have been passed
related to marriages, with a view on all categories of people.

• It is essential to identify the category that your marriage falls under, before you register your marriage.

• It could be under the Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act or Tamilnadu Marriage Act.

While the Hindu Marriage Act and Tamilnadu Marriage Act can only register the marriage, the
Special Marriage Act can solemnize and register it.

After you find the category in which your marriage fits in, you must then seek information
about the documents that are to be submitted while registering your marriage in Chennai. Each category
may require different documents that are mandatory for getting a marriage certificate.

Documents may include

• Application form signed by the husband and wife,

• Date of birth evidence,

• Address proof,

• Affidavit by both parties specifying the place and date of marriage, marital status at the time of
marriage and nationalities of the two parties.

• There is also a requirement for one photograph taken on the marriage and passport size photographs
of the husband and wife.

• If the bride or groom is a convert, the certificate of conversion must be submitted. This must be
obtained from the priest who solemnized the wedding.

• From the priest, the certificate of marriage must also be obtained and submitted for marriage registration.

• An declaration that the parties are not within the degree of prohibited relationship is also required.

• If it is a remarriage, then the divorce decree or death certificate of the spouse (whichever is applicable)

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2 years 10 months ago #145 by abinandhan
Here's I proud to explain some procedure about one of my my friend’s marriage with Philippines national under the Special Marriage Act. They did not use any agency for the Court Marriage in Triplicane, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

They chose to get married in Chennai, Tamilnadu for two reasons - first, because the groom is from Triplicane and they were planning to live in Chennai Mylapore for the proximate short term and processing their Indian visa (& later PIO card) would be easier with an Tamilnadu marriage registration certificate. And second, the certificate would be in English and more easily acceptable in Philippines also.

They planned to do their court marriage in Chennai and Philippines as well. I advised that getting married legally in two countries was NOT a good idea & technically illegal - instead get married once and make that marriage certificate internationally acceptable by getting the necessary attestation.

For the Court marriage, I strongly suspect things differ from state to state and even district to district. Things like 30 days notice for Civil Marriages are the same but minute document requirements & processing times surely differ. In Chennai itself the experience at the Sub registrar Triplicane are completely different.

So we chose to get married under the Special Marriage Act 1954 (Civil Marriage) because neither of us are religious and we have the luxury of time on our side. First you have to register the 'intent' to marry at the Marriage Office under whose jurisdiction you fall. From what I saw, this can even be done by parents or an agent (though the form does require signatures of the bride & groom) and basically involves submitting proofs of ID/age & residence proof. (Divorce decrees and Municipal Death Certificates for divorcees/widowers).
Our form said the following documents are acceptable in Tamilnadu:

*Age Proof - Birth Certificate, School Leaving Certificate, MARK SHEET, Passport
*Residence Proof - Ration Card, Election Card, Passport

All documents had to be notarized

We used bride passport for proof of identity, age & address. groom used his passport (with valid Indian visa) for identity & age, but since her passport does not carry a residential address , we had also brought an extract from his municipality verifying his date of birth, parents, proof of address etc. Even though we had to fill his address on the 'Intended Marriage Form' they never cross checked it or looked at the document (which was in another language, so lucky us!). If you cannot get this you can get a letter from your Consulate. See below.

Another tricky part for foreigners or NRIs marrying in Tamilnadu is that one of the marriageable parties has to prove residency in the area for the previous consecutive 30 days. If someone does not provide their passport as an identify document we don't know how they would check this, though they did check my passport immigration stamps to see when we had returned from our trips abroad earlier that year. I know in places like Bangalore where there are lots of foreigners getting married this is uniformly enforced (though obviously there are ways to bribe your way around it with a false police certificate).

Another thing we planned meticulously for (because we read on the internet that it was a requirement) was a No Objection letter from bride Consulate. Basically it was a letter from her Consulate in Mumbai stating all his details (Name, Passport No, Age, Address) and saying that marital status was 'Unmarried' and that according to her country's law there is no impediment to him entering into matrimony with Indian national named ABC, born on etc.
It seems like a pretty important document because how else would you know if a foreigner was married elsewhere. BUT our wonderful Marriage Office didn't even glance at it. Be aware that some people on other forums have said that this was asked of them.

OK so once the intent to marry is submitted you get to pick a date to solemnize the marriage - it has to be at least 30 days after submission of intent, depending on their appointment availability & your choice. They are supposed to post the 'Intended Marriage Notices' up for those 30 days to give time for people to come forward with objections. I'm not sure if they really do!

On the day of solemnization, we had to come with 3 witnesses (each brought 3-4 stamp size passport photographs plus original ID photo proofs & copies). They made us fill declaration form with details of our witnesses & took their ID proof copies. During the 'marriage' the couple and all the witnesses will have to sign the main Marriage register & say their 'vows'. It's basically the most unromantic, bureaucratic procedure ever with lots of waiting involved. The Triplicane Marriage Office refused to let us face each other while exchanging vows and made me face her and recite them.

The original marriage certificate is part of their Register which stays with them. For your 'copy' of the Marriage Certificate they try and tell you to come back after one week, but we insisted and got it on the same day. We did not have to bribe anybody, but were very assertive. They charged another 7000/- without any receipt.

Finall we got three copies of original marriage certificate within 10 days .

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2 years 10 months ago #185 by marriage solicitor
Many people not understanding the meaning of register marriage and customary marriage :

Register Marriage :
Register marriage without any customary ceremony is called register marriage

Customary marriage :
Customary marriage will be solemnized by priest and there will be a lengthy formalities and customs will be followed to perform the marriage.

Normally in case of love marriage the couples always will opt for same day register/Court marriage and they will not come forwarded to do customary marriage. because they will do the register marriage for safety purpose and they wish to do customary marriage in future with consent of future.

But in Tamilnadu only the customary marriages can be registered in one day process and if you prefer to do the direct register marriage, it will take minimum one months to complete the process.
Same time there is an option existing for complete the register court marriage in Tamilnadu in one day process without customary marriage.
Normally the customary marriage means the marriage will be performed your marriage and you will tie the thali .
If you exchange the garlanding , ring or taking oath in front of friends, the conditions for marriage will be satisfied and based on this you can complete register marriage on same day.
Chennai is always comfortable and safe zone for love marriage couples and they can get married legally in Chennai in simple process and procedures.

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