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Online marriage registration in Chennai

One of my friend belongs to Hindu religion and he is an native of Cuddalore and living in 73C, 74C MTH Road , District Tiruvallur, South Park Street, Venkatapuram, Ambattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600053 for the past 5 years . His girlfriend belongs to Muslim community and her native is Bangalore. Both are working in Chennai TCS and they are in love relationship for past 3 years. They tried to convince the parents and they wish to marry with consent of both parents. They tried to convince the parents but the boy parents are ok but they will not involve in marriage and they ask them to get married without their support. But the girl parents are against and they are strongly opposing for marriage.

They are very much confused about the inter religious marriage registration in Tamilnadu. One of my friend advised to approach in Ambattur or anywhere near to Padi. We could not find out exact location of sub registrar Ambattur. Also his friend told that the religious marriage registration in Tamilnadu will take thirty days and they will send notice to sub registrar office in Bangalore. The Sub registrar Bangalore will affix the same in notice board for not less than 30 days . further he said that after thirty days, if there is no objection from parents, Sub registrar Bangalore will issue NOC in writing. He told that on receipt of NOC the will register the marriage after 30 days from date of notice.

This is no way possible , if they send notice, the girl parents definitely will object and they will not allow the girl to go out. So please guide me on the following issues :

1. Whrere is sub registrar office located in Ambattur area ?
2. What are the documents needs to do inter caste marriage registration in Ambattur in Chennai ?
3. How long will take to do inter caste marriage registration in Chennai and is there any possibility to complete the registration in one day ?
4. Unser which Act we can do marriage registration in Chennai ?
5. We can do inter caste marriage registration without any ceremony ?
6. Name change is compulsory if he wish to convert in to Muslim ?
7. Is there any possibility register the marriage through online like Karnataka ?
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What is online marriage certificate in Tamilnadu

There are certain marriage Acts provide some rules that you must abide by, when it comes to marriage
registration in Chennai. The rules for marriage were framed with a
focus on the welfare of both parties. Its aim is to create a strong base for the family that is going to be formed
by two mature, independent individuals. Only if the age criterion is satisfied and there is mutual consent,
there can be legal and emotional space to begin a new life.

All things that come from there are beautiful and so is your wedding! In spite
of the hurry burry and chaos of shopping and grooming for your wedding, days seem like years to wait for
the D-day. And there it finally comes! Once you tie the knot, you take a deep breath of accomplishment.
But wait, there’s one task at the end of the list that most people tend to miss. Yeah! That’s registering your marriage.

We find great pleasure in registering your marriages and helping you to get marriage certificates.
Getting a marriage certificate is not a complicated task, when we are with you. Our team will guide
you on how to get a marriage certificate in Chennai. And I bet you’ll feel blessed to have contacted us.

To begin with, there are simple procedures that you must follow. Make sure that you check the
conditions before you can apply for a marriage certificate. The Indian laws pertaining to marriage
are framed to suit the customs of different religions and practices. Various acts have been passed
related to marriages, with a view on all categories of people.

· It is essential to identify the category that your marriage falls under, before you register your marriage.

· It could be under the Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act or Tamilnadu Marriage Act.

While the Hindu Marriage Act and Tamilnadu Marriage Act can only register the marriage, the
Special Marriage Act can solemnize and register it.

After you find the category in which your marriage fits in, you must then seek information
about the documents that are to be submitted while registering your marriage in Chennai. Each category
may require different documents that are mandatory for getting a marriage certificate.

Documents may include

· Application form signed by the husband and wife,

· Date of birth evidence,

· Address proof,

· Affidavit by both parties specifying the place and date of marriage, marital status at the time of
marriage and nationalities of the two parties.

· There is also a requirement for one photograph taken on the marriage and passport size photographs
of the husband and wife.

· If the bride or groom is a convert, the certificate of conversion must be submitted. This must be
obtained from the priest who solemnized the wedding.

· From the priest, the certificate of marriage must also be obtained and submitted for marriage registration.

· An declaration that the parties are not within the degree of prohibited relationship is also required.

· If it is a remarriage, then the divorce decree or death certificate of the spouse (whichever is applicable)

must be submitted.

But finally you have to sub registrar office to complete the registration. Even it is made online ,
the marriage registrar will not do registration without presence of both husband and wife

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Online Marriage Registration in Chennai, Tamilnadu :-

In the month of July 2017,The Government of Tamilnadu has introduced online registration facility in Tamilnadu in some selective location. At present the marriage registration made online in Chennai and some parts in Tamilnadu.

If made online, you cannot think that you can register your marriage online by uploading documents and you can download your marriage certificate online.
Find how The Government of Tamilnadu online registration works:-

Step 1. You have to create user name and password in www.reginet .net to start online process and the password will be sent to your registered mail id
Step 2. After creating user name you have to fill the application. It will ask all information like name , father name , place of marriage and witness details. So you have to confirm the witness who will come for registration, you have to mention the witness details in advance. You cannot change the witness later at the time of marriage.

step 3. Finally the system will suggest some sub registrar office name. you have to select your proper sub registrar office exactly. For this you must have lot of knowledge about the sub registrar office jurisdiction limits

step 4. After selecting the sub registrar office, it will ask your convenient date for registration. you cannot select current date it will not give you any appointment. So you can get appointment on future dates only. If you have any emergency you cannot get appointment even though the sub registrars are free.

5. Very important think that after submitting online application, your online process may not be completed, after submitting application you have to printout the same in paper and you have to visit sub registrar office with hot copy of online application and original , documents and witnesses .
If the sub registrar not available , when you visit the sub registrar office , you have to get fresh appointment for another day.
If Government make everything online, ( like Birth certificate) you can resister your marriage through online and you can get marriage certificate without your physical presence .

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Find the sub registrar office Ambattur location map link :!4d80.1462779

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Marriage Registrar office Ambattur
2, Gopala Swamy St, Lenin Nagar, Ramnagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600053

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2. What are the documents needs to do inter caste marriage registration in Ambattur in Chennai ?

Proof of Age

Passport (or)
Birth Certificate (or)
Education Certificate (or)
OCI card
Proof of Address

Passport (or)
Driving License (or)
Voter Id (or)
Aadhar card (or)
OCI card (or)
National ID
Passport-size Photo-8 Nos.
Witnessess Totally Three persons for both (Must present before marriage Registrar physically with ID proof)

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